Beauty Salon Toys Set
Beauty Salon Toys Set
Benjamin Mizrahi

Beauty Salon Toys Set

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Role play involves imagination, and …

“Imagination is more important than knowledge. For knowledge is limited to all we now know and understand, while imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand.”

Albert Einstein

When children do role plays, they naturally become someone or something else. Role play stimulates their imagination and “enhanc(es) their social development, encourag(es) friendship through cooperation, listening and turn taking”. Therefore, role play is a really vital activity for our children. It is no surprise that child therapists use play therapy to help children process and cope with difficult situations and experiences.

Our children can learn many skills and attitudes during role play, they learn how to be co-operative (teamwork) and be empathetic with others. They can learn to express all their feelings: it is very interesting to see what they catch up from only observing us or the world around them! You can tell by observing them role playing what they’re going through, what they struggle with and what they are processing at the moment. They also can learn about other cultures and improve their language and movement skills.

During role plays our children can re-experience school activities like literacy and numeracy. In the playing shop, our children can “encompass all the aspects of the curriculum”. They can learn about money, about politeness and the right way to ask questions and respond etc. Role play can help our children to make sense of their world.


Product type: beauty salon toys set
Applicable age: 6+
Material: ABS plastic
Contains: 1*hair straightener+2* perfume bottle +1* lipstick+1* hairdryer+1* scissor+4* comb+2* mirror+2* bowknot +2* hair curler
Packing: plastic case
Case size: 20*10*13 cm
Weight: 400g
Package include: 1* set of beauty salon toys

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