Mr. Mizrahi's Executive Functions and Study Skills Course

We created this course to solve the problem of procrastination, low grades, and lack of productivity among teens between 14-18 years old.

Students who graduated from the program experienced a significant transformation in their lives with three primary outcomes: 

1. No more feeling overwhelmed and stressed - Students have gained control over their schoolwork.
2. No more getting reminders and arguing with parents over schoolwork - Students stopped procrastinating.
3. No more low grades - Students earned higher grades (20% and higher) without spending hours on nights before tests.

Over the course of eight weeks, students learn how to enhance their executive skills such as time management, planning, prioritizing, focus, how to become resourceful, self-monitoring, and more. 

Here is what you and your child get with the course:

✔Full Access to the online course How to Become Independent and Successful Student

✔A workbook to help your teen build accountability and self-awareness as they proceed throughout the course

✔Help Desk support throughout the week throughout the course

✔ Weekly LIVE group sessions with Mr. Mizrahi

✔ The H2O Planner – a student planner to enhance time management, planning, prioritizing, and self-monitoring while completing homework daily.

✔ The Smart Math Notebook – a notebook that helps students organize their notes in math

✔ The Easy Notes Notebook – a notebook with a unique system for taking notes during class AND reviewing at home.


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