An Executive Functions Parenting Course

Learn to Close Your Child's Gaps Created by Executive Functions Deficits

Program Description

Module 1 - Clarity, Awareness, Organization, and Routines

Managing a household of children with underdeveloped executive skills (UES) is often an ongoing struggle. Whether it's eight o'clock on a weekday or Sunday afternoon, parents often run on fumes. Despite your continuous efforts to keep the house tidy, children are experts at instantly making it look like a war zone! Even if you hire more help, without clear systems and routines that work for your family, you will keep finding yourself at the same old breaking point of yelling and nagging. 

Module 2 - Setting REAL Goals for Children of the 21st Century

Disappointment and despair are frequent in the life of parents with children with underdeveloped executive skills. In this module, parents learn what executive functions are and how they manifest in a child's life - their implications in school and the home. 

Module 3 - Child-Mind Communication

Do you feel like your child is taking you for granted sometimes? Are they oblivious to your tireless efforts to provide, care, and guide them? Children, in general, can be hard to satisfy. Not to mention expressing their gratitude. In this module, parents learn how to use proven communication tools to enhance their parent-child relationship, which suffers due to underdeveloped executive skills. 

Module 4 - Managing Schoolwork at Home  

While tutoring is helpful for many children, it is a crutch that cannot always be available. Students with underdeveloped executive skills struggle without the structure and guidance of their teachers. Furthermore, tutors help students get their work done but do not help them with the routines, habits, and study strategies that will make students independent learners.   

Module 5 - Nurturing Collaborative Behavior at Home

No matter what kind of work you do during the day, your life with the children requires that you prioritize teaching your children how to function within the family. This endeavor is full of mishaps because many elements in children's lives constantly change. 

Module 6 - Enhancing Family Dynamic 

Aside from the routine, strategies, and techniques, the family dynamic is the force that helps parents sustain their efforts and energy in educating their children. The family dynamic is the outgrowth of how parents and children communicate and collaborate daily.  


Parents who join this program understand that successful parenting does not mean "easy" parenting. Instead, it is a complex process filled with challenges and celebrations (sometimes even simultaneously! :)