The H2O Planner: an Executive Function Planner and Strategy by Coach Benjamin Mizrahi


The H2O Planner was designed specifically for students with executive function difficulties. The structure of the planner and the H2O routine aims to help students work on their homework effectively. Students who use this planner gain a strategy that can help them reduce the amount of time takes to complete homework and have a manageable test preparation learning process (For a detailed explanation, check p.2 in the planner).

The design of the H2O Planner focuses on essential executive functions skills such as organization, planning and prioritizing, and time management. Students use this planner at home; they do not need to bring it to class. The essence of this planner is to function as a medium between what the teacher posts online and the student at home.

Oftentimes, students get overwhelmed and consequently procrastinate because they do not know how to gather the information effectively and create a manageable plan. With the increase of distance learning, students need more tools to help them grow independent and effective students, the H2O Planner is one of them.

The planner is a user-friendly feature such as: Size: A4 8-1/4 x 11-3/4 921.0 x 29.7 cm)



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