20pcs Smart Dough Tools Kit
20pcs Smart Dough Tools Kit
20pcs Smart Dough Tools Kit
Benjamin Mizrahi

20pcs Smart Dough Tools Kit

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The dough toolkit is fun and easy with assorted plastic tools, molds, models, fun figures, and more to meet your needs. They are great to enrich a child's imagination and creativity. These are ideal for early learning or just for fun. These sets are great for adding detail to dough creations.

Benefits of Playdough Play:

1. Fine Motor Skill Development: great for strengthening muscle tone in little hands – squishing, squashing, rolling, flattening play dough all develop children’s muscles and encourage prewriting and other skills such as cutting with scissors, using tweezers, holding a pencil etc.

2. Calming and therapeutic: simply sitting and squashing and rolling a piece of playdough in your hand is a very calming and soothing activity.  For years I have been giving children playdough “stress” balls in class as a way of easing tension, releasing extra energy, improving focus and concentration. Can be a great outlet for children to express their emotions

3. Creativity and imagination:  the possibilities for playdough play are limitless – my kids love to create all sorts of things with playdough – some days they create monsters and aliens, on other occasions they have made cupcakes, pizzas, gardens or houses.  I love to provide them with a wide variety of materials to use with the playdough, inspiring creativity and encouraging the use of their imaginations.

4. Develops hand-eye coordination: by using a variety of materials and objects in playdough play can enhance hand-eye coordination.

5.  Social skills:  any activity where children are hands-on involved creates a fantastic opportunity for developing social skills. Playing with play dough in small groups and or with adults presents lots of possibilities for talk and discussion, playing collaboratively, problem-solving and planning with others.  Encourage your children to describe what they are doing while they play.

6. Literacy and Numeracy development: we have used playdough for a variety of literacy and numeracy activities – it’s a great fun way of involving children in literacy and numeracy activities, some of which you can see in our Prewriting Activities.

7.  Promotes Play:  allows children to be children, to slow down and play, using a range of their senses and skills.


- Brand: TOYMYTOY.
- Color: Random Color.

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