Encourage Your Child to Identify and Communicate their Needs

June 13, 2024

Encourage Your Child to Identify and Communicate their Needs




Learning to identify and express feelings in a positive way helps kids develop the skills they need to manage them effectively. 


Being a parent means you’ve got a really important role to play in helping kids understand their feelings and behaviors. Kids need to be shown how to manage their feelings in positive and constructive ways. 


When kids learn to manage their emotions in childhood, it leads to positive attitudes and behaviors later in life. 

But as your child begins to grow and mature, how can you CONTINUE to encourage them to identify and communicate their needs?  
It can sound something like this: 

“I’m thinking you want some attention right now. Do you know what type of attention you want? Maybe to talk a little…? Or to sit next to me?”   
“I can tell this is hard… and frustrating, I get that. Do you know how you can help yourself start to feel a little better? If you need my help, I’m right here. You can let me know what type of help you need from me when you’re ready.”  

And yes, once you start this you will probably hear a lot of… “I don’t know.”   
That’s ok… keep at it… 


You can say: “That’s ok, sometimes it takes time to know what to do.” or “Hmm… let’s think together. I’ll tell you my ideas and you can tell me yours.”  
You’re planting the seed that it’s up to your child to advocate for what they want.  



Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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