• Transitioning to Middle School with a dual curriculum program proved to be chanllenging for our son. We are grateful to Mr. Mizrahi for assisting our son's development of much needed learning skills and in learning course material. Through his efforts, our son has become a more confident, successful student who strives to work independently. With thoughtfulness and concern, Mr Mizrahi created a personalized coaching program based on his astute observations of how our son learns best. In the process, Mr Mizrahi has become an invaluable advocate for our son, partnering with teachers and administratore to ensure our son's continued success. Beyond being a superb educator and coach, Mr Mizrahi is exceptionally kind and generous, spending time and guiding us to a better understanding of our son's needs. None of success we have achieved would have been possible without Mr. Mizrahi.


  • Mr Mizrahi,

    This has been such a happy day for our family. We watched Y. graduate a changed boy - he is taller, his voice is deeper, he is more social, more confident, a serious student, a curious thinker. And when we reflect on all of the growing and maturing that has happened over the past four years there is one constant - YOU.
    You have been such a wonderful, positive role model. You made it "cool" to be a leader and not a follower. You created a special community where the boys felt special and at home. You encouraged children at the most awkward stage of life to behave with respect and integrity. You are a true teacher. 
    From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for being Y.'s teacher and for helping him to grow into the young man we celebrated today. 
    Warm wishes to you and your family for a happy summer. 


  • Benjamin Mizrahi has been working with my 9 year old son for the last year and half.  In that time he has accomplished more than most classroom teachers I have encountered.  My son has dyslexia so he struggles with reading.  Benjamin tailored a program specifically for him which was multi-sensory and really spoke to my son’s specific way of learning.  He made lessons fun and engaging so that learning after a long day at school was something my son actually looks forward to.

    Today my son is in a mainstream classroom and following along in a second language immersion program.  I am quite sure we could not have done this without Benjamin’s help.  I think what makes Benjamin so unique is that he really works with each child’s individual needs and deficiencies and tailors his lesson’s very specifically.  There is “no one size fits all” and Benjamin really understands that.  His lessons embody that.  I recommend him highly and without reservation.


  • Mr. Mizrahi worked with our son to teach relevant life skills. First Mr. Mizrahi helped raise our son’s self-awareness. This helped him realize the amount of time a task requires and his work habits. Second, Mr. Mizrahi, in partnership with our son, would create effective strategies and a study plan to reach academic success. This plan taught our son what techniques are most effective for him to learn and how to monitor himself. This was all taught to our son, in a very enthusiastic and loving way. It has allowed our son to achieve success not just in one subject but also in a multitude of subjects, as he was able to transfer those skills to anything he wanted to learn. He is now more independent, proud, and eager to learn!


  • I just wanted to share what an amazing teacher Mr. Mizrahi is. I was impressed from our first meeting at the first PT conferences. There was a striking difference from the other teachers in how he spoke to me at the conference and how he prepared for the meeting that truly stood out. 

    My husband and I just met with him again for a conference and he was exceptional. His understanding of the kids individually as well as developmentally in terms of their age and how that impacts their learning is amazing. He is also straight forward, very clear and really listens and wants to hear what we see. 


  • Hi Mr. Mizrahi--

    As both a parent and a communications specialist, I want to let you know that this a great email. It shows that you:
    1) really care about the students' academic growth (that they truly understand the material),
    2) make adjustments when necessary,
    3) listen to constructive feedback, and
    4) want to keep parents informed.



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