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Benjamin Mizrahi

    Coach Benjamin Mizrahi

    Benjamin Mizrahi, a behavior specialist, works with parents, teens, and teachers on enhancing the skills that help us achieve our goals and regulate our behavior.

    Students’ performance in the classroom, at home, and later in college interconnects with their ability to discern between right and wrong, delay gratification, and keep up with fluctuating academic demands.

    The presentation on executive functions is a learning opportunity for parents who wish to help their children with impulse and emotional control, flexibility, persistence, time management, and organization skills.

    Benjamin Mizrahi is a certified ADHD Coach. He also holds a Master’s in Education (M.S.), and a Master’s in Jewish History (M.A.).

    Executive Functioning Skills

    Executive Function Skills is the term used by developmental psychologists to describe particular skills that adults, as well as children, use every day. These are skill-sets that enable us to organize, plan, remember things, prioritize, pay attention and get started on tasks without any delay. The functions are part of skills that stem from three types of brain functioning: working memory, mental flexibility, and self-control.

    Research shows that children are not born with executive functions skills; nevertheless, they are born with the potential to develop them. While some build their self-control during infancy, others do so during adolescence. The full range of abilities continues to grow and mature through the teen years and into early adulthood. Since these skills impact our self-management, anyone would benefit from the knowledge of executive functions, particularly parents and teachers. In school, executive functions are crucial for adequate reading comprehension, structuring essays, math problem solving, planning projects, completing homework assignments, performing well on tests, and becoming active learners in the classroom.

    Mr. Mizrahi's mission is to guide and support students, parents, and teachers in developing their executive functions. If low grades, frustration, and poor self-conduct stand in your way to success, Mr. Mizrahi's methodical and proven approach will equip you with the necessary tools to strengthen your executive functions.