Foster Your Child Self-Awareness

November 02, 2022

Foster Your Child Self-Awareness



Self-awareness is important for children and younger learners because it sets the stage for success. If kids have a better understanding of their emotions, actions, and abilities, they can make better choices to help them be successful. 

Here are some easy and effective ways on developing self-awareness in children: 


1. Be the Role Model: 

Use your everyday behavior to show your child how to manage daily situations in a calm and positive way. When faced with an unpleasant or frustrating incident, teach your child how to react in a positive way and deal with the situation.  


2. Accept and Recognize Your Child’s Emotions: 

Understand your child’s emotions and never make fun of them, in front of him or others. When your child learns to deal with his emotions, he will learn to accept his behavior and understand how to function better. 


3. Empathize with Your Child: 

When you empathize with your child, it will make him feel secure and confident about himself. Empathizing with your child will teach him that his emotions are important and are nothing to be ashamed of or hide. 


4. Let Your Child Communicate Freely: 

The key to your child’s self-awareness and overall growth is a good communication that is honest and open. Let him express his thoughts clearly and without worrying about what you will think. Appreciate the fact that he talks to you about what he feels and tell him that you are happy he discusses things with you. Even if you do not agree fully with what he says, do not ridicule his opinion. Instead, guide him gently in a positive way. 


5. Pay Attention, Be A Listener and Teach Effective Problem Solving: 

When you shower your attention on your child, it will make him feel loved and wanted, and his sense of worth will also reach a high. Help your child understand how to respond to and not react in certain situations. 


Your child will pick up most of his behavioral and social skill sets from you. Be your child’s role model and help him understand his potential best. 




Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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