Help Children Learn from Mistakes

August 01, 2022

Help Children Learn from Mistakes



Research shows that praising children for their intelligence can make them less likely to persist in the face of a challenge. 


Giving meaningful and specific praise motivates children who are learning from mistakes. Praise should focus on developing their character strengths, helping them understand their internal abilities. It is an opportunity to develop a child’s resilience. 


Here are the ten ways to help your children and teens learn from mistakes: 


  1. Acknowledge that you don’t expect them to be perfect. 
  1. Let them know your love is unconditional, regardless of their mistakes or lapses in judgment. 
  1. Don’t rescue kids from their mistakes. Instead, focus on solutions. 
  1. Provide examples of your own mistakes, the consequences, and how you learned from them. 
  1. Encourage children to take responsibility for their mistakes and not blame others. 
  1. Avoid pointing out your child’s past mistakes. Instead, focus on the one at hand. 
  1. Praise children for their ability to admit their mistakes. 
  1. Praise children for their efforts and courage to overcome setbacks. 
  1. Mentor your child on how to apologize when their mistakes have hurt others. 
  1. Help kids look at the good side of getting things wrong. 


Learning from mistakes and failures isn’t easy. All children need encouragement to learn and succeed. Positive words from parents, teachers, and mentors during difficult learning challenges are essential for children’s growth and development. 



Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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