Help Your Child Cope with Frustration

December 15, 2023

Help Your Child Cope with Frustration



We cannot always control outcomes or our child’s feelings. However, we can help change their perspective and equip them with the tools to deal with life’s frustrations. Frustration is a natural reaction in life. But whether it leads to fear, anger, and defeat or it is channeled into a more appropriate way can make all the difference in your child’s experiences in life. 


Start with a few of these techniques in diffusing whatever situation you encounter: 


  • Take deep breaths. 
  • Ask questions and listen. 
  • Identify the culprit or reason for their frustration. 
  • Respond by validating their feelings followed by solution-seeking. 
  • Encourage using a controlled voice. 
  • Establish rules before a meltdown. 
  • Redirect emotions or activity so it benefits your child. 


Learning to manage and overcome frustrations builds resilience—but it can be hard for parents to stand back and let children cope on their own. Here are the three ways to help kids manage frustration: 


1. Stay calm 

For some children, seeing their parent upset can increase their anxiety. Keeping calm can prevent this dynamic from taking hold and may help you to more clearly focus on what’s needed in the situation. 


2. Be consistent 

All children need to know that they can count on their parent to guide them, support them, take care of their essential needs, and love them. Even in times of conflict, knowing how you will act when they are upset can lead to security and comfort in the relationship. 


3. Practice good communication skills 

Children often learn skills by modeling after parents! So, as you try to communicate with your child, focus on being patient, being a careful and respectful listener, and remembering to be a role model for problem solving. 



Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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