Help Your Child Manage Their Moods

August 30, 2022

Help Your Child Manage Their Moods



Kids’ moods can change in a flash – she’s happy, then bored, cranky, then sweet. No matter what your child is feeling, your first job as a parent is to empathize. Let your child know that you care what they are feeling, and you have a sense of what they are feeling. 


Managing moods is not something that people are born knowing how to do. If they don’t have good ways to deal with bad feelings, they may not have the motivation to decide to do the healthiest things. Rather than arguing about their attitude, you can: 


  • Acknowledge that they are upset, but don’t try to discuss it right now. 
  • Give them time to collect themselves. Physical activity helps kids burn off frustration.  
  •  After they are calm, then you can talk.  
  • Eat dinner together to creates a natural space for your family to talk about what’s on their minds. 
  • Talk while you’re doing other things. Keep the conversation casual by doing other things at the same time, like driving, shopping, or cooking. 
  •  Don’t dismiss what your kids are feeling. Understand where they are coming from and resist the temptation to downplay their concerns. 
  • Make sure your kids get regular physical activity. Exercise can also make kids more self-confident and feel better about themselves. 
  •  Help your kids find ways to relax. It’s important for them to find ways to chill out. Tell them to try finding a quiet spot in your home to read, draw, or listen to music. Or trying deep breathing exercises or yoga videos on YouTube. 




Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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