How To Provide Healthy Environment for Your Children

February 02, 2023

How To Provide Healthy Environment for Your Children



Every parent wishes there was a “Parenting Handbook” at some point in their parenting duties. From knowing what to say in the right situation to understanding how to discipline correctly, parenting is not for the weak-hearted. Since children are each so vastly unique in how they view the world, a simple design to parent kids would make parenting so much easier.


Here are 5 healthy parenting tips to help you with your positive parenting goals.  While parenting is more multifarious than just applying these tips, if you’re consistently incorporating these tips into your family, you can provide a healthy, encouraging, and safe environment for your children. 


Encourage Your Child 

This is one of the most important principles you can apply to your parenting strategy. By encouraging and nurturing your children, they are fostering a sense of self, their importance in the world, and a sense of belonging. This is where self-worth and self-esteem are developed. Essentially, spend quality time with your children by learning who they are, how they think, and show them that you value them through love and affection. 


Set Boundaries 

Boundaries are the rules and limitation within the household. Teach them to speak kindly to one another, encourage sharing, and inspire them to always tell the truth. These are values you want your children to learn. If you teach and encourage your child to be respectful to others, then they will be respectful. Most kids don’t just wake up one day and understand the concept of respect. That’s our jobs as parents to teach them. So, if you believe being respectful means speaking kindly to one another then that is the boundary you incorporate in the home. Whenever you observe your child share his toys or speaking kindly, say to them “Wow Jimmy, good job at speaking kindly to your little sister! You are being very respectful. Great job.” 


Set Routines 

Each day of our lives we live by a set of routines. Routines are a great way to encourage kids to perform certain tasks that need to be completed at certain times of the day. Daily routines like eating breakfast, getting dressed, brushing their teeth, and packing their school bag are great age-appropriate tasks. As kids get older, add tasks and chores that are age appropriate to their daily routines. Make sure what you are expecting your child to do matches their age and skill level if not you might find some routines and tasks difficult to maintain. Here is a list of age-appropriate chores to get you started. 


Set Rewards and Consequences 

Use rewards well by reassuring any aged child how proud you are of his or her decisions and choices. Likewise, express concern and consequences for poor choices. For younger children, use a rewards chart for kids to see their accomplishments. Consider the option of earning an allowance for completing chores and for positive choices. 


Keep it Fun! 

Finally, the most important element in all positive parenting is keeping it fun. Spend family time together, play board games, go to the park, have a picnic, or laugh together. Parenting is a full-time job and often we get so busy with daily life that we forget that it is about having fun TOGETHER. So, plan fun activities with your children, ask them what their idea of fun would be, and try not to be overly focused on expectations of you, and begin concentrating on what you can do today to make you and your children. 

Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband. 

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