Kids Who Listen the First Time Have Parents Who Do These 5 Things First

February 23, 2023

Kids Who Listen the First Time Have Parents Who Do These 5 Things First



1. Make sure your kids aren’t distracted when you are talking to them – This could mean a simple, “Hey can you look at me, so I know you’re listening? before you begin your question. Getting their attention first is a way of showing your child respect and giving them the benefit of the doubt that it’s most likely not their intention to ignore you. 


2. Don’t ask them to do things that are higher than their maturity level (age matters) Back to kids aren’t adults. Assign things according to their age level.  


3. Talk respectfully and not in a demeaning way- Kids might be awful at listening but are great in imitating.  

     We all can be weak in communication sometimes. So, take this as a helpful suggestion, not a judgement. It’s easy in the heat of the moment to bark commands at your kids. If you are kind and respectful in asking your child to do something, then their response is more respectful. If you are short and shrill, his response is disrespectful.  


4. Make sure your child is in the right state of mind when you communicate with him or her 

    Whatever the conversation you have with your children, whether that’s addressing behavior problems or asking them how they feel emotionally, make sure you are attentive to the state of mind they are in. 


5. Give them rewards when they follow through on something you asked them to do and on something you did not ask them to do.  

     The most glorious moments in parenting are sometimes as simple as your child doing something you ask them to do, that they don’t normally do, without prompting.  Reward them with your praise and acknowledgement on following through. This can mean a simple “thank you!”