October 26, 2022




Raising a child with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder may be a difficult task for parents. Due to the nature of their disorder, they may be a bit unruly and hard to manage. It will take patience and unconditional love for our children to pull this off, however, it does not mean you are to do it alone. Here are some tips from Kids Health of the Nemours Foundation. 


🟨 Be involved 

 Learn as much as you can about ADHD. You have to take a hands-on approach in the wellbeing of your child. Follow the prescription and instruction of the doctor. 


🟨 Discover how your child is affected by ADHD 

Every child is affected differently. Find out how your child is being influenced by ADHD by observing which areas they have the most difficulty in. By pinpointing their areas of difficulty, you can then begin to work on those for improvement. 


🟨 One at a time  

Children suffering from ADHD will have an impaired ability to focus. Be accommodating of this fact. When teaching new concepts to children, make sure to introduce these one at a time, and praise their achievements no matter how small. 


🟨 Discipline with purpose and warmth 

Discipline in a manner that the child will know exactly what they did wrong. Constant nagging and reprimanding will not help stop the behavior, but rather put more doubt and ambiguity in their understanding. It is also important to do so in a manner that is loving that your bond will grow deeper, instead of planting anger in their heart. 


🟨 Set clear expectations 

Being clear with what you expect from the child helps them to set boundaries on their own. They learn how to control their actions and impulses, or at least train them to. Focus more on what to do, rather than reacting on what NOT to do. 


🟨 Build your relationship with your child 

Often, children with ADHD will feel they’re letting others down, or feel that they are not good enough. Always be there to support them and build their self-esteem. 



Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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