October 21, 2022




Depression is a serious issue that exists among all ages and should be taken seriously no matter the context. Depression in children is easily brushed off as a phase of development or seen as superficial. However, if left to fester, this may lead to severe consequences in the development and wellbeing not only of the child, but also the immediate family. Observe for these signs of depression that may manifest: 

Persistent sadness  

Feelings are often short, and if the child seems to exhibit sadness that persists through long periods of time without warning, it may be a symptom of depression. 

More irritable than usual 

This is characterized by irritability towards people who try to interact with them, as they have a negative outlook towards people due to the nature of their illness. 

Loss of interest in usually fun activities 

People suffering from depression often lose motivation in living. This is like taking the light away from life, making everything dark and gloomy. This is perhaps one reason why they see no point in taking part in these activities, they see no motivation in it. 

Constantly feeling tired or disinterested 

When they are not motivated by anything, it will always feel like there is no point in everything they do, and thus the feeling of tiredness or fatigue. 

Trouble sleeping through the night 

Sleeping problems are common for people with depression.  Overthinking and negative feelings may be contributors to this symptom. 

Loss or change in appetite 

Depression makes a person lose interest in daily activities, or life in general. This also includes the need for sustaining oneself. 

If your child is manifesting several of these signs, it is time to seek professional help for their evaluation. You must be there for your children in times that they need you the most. They should not feel outcast from their own family, for the people who are the most difficult to love are those that need it the most.