Speak with Love and Respect

June 06, 2022

Speak with Love and Respect



This is important, because many adults didn’t grow up in environments (as kids) where they were spoken to  in a respectful manner. 
As kids, we were expected to speak to our elders respectfully, but the expectation may not have been reciprocated or returned. 
How is “respect” defined? 
Respect: due regard for the feelings, wishes, rights, or traditions of others; admire (someone or something) deeply; avoid harming or interfering with. 
Isn’t that what we want for the people in our home, including the children? 

Here’s how you can change the narrative and the interactions in your home: 
☑ Start by saying kind, gentle, calm words. 
☑ Tell your child how much you adore them (be specific, be genuine, be transparent). 
☑ Have a conversation with them. Find out what they like, are concerned about, wish for. 
☑ Say please and thank you. 
☑ Monitor your tone and energy in their presence. 
Watch how much warm parenting and kind child-adult interactions transform your child and ultimately the parent-child relationship.



Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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