Teach Kids Important Life Values

September 30, 2022

Teach Kids Important Life Values



Values are very important in parenting since they deeply influence all behaviors and attitudes and effect our decisions and relationships. Understanding the concept of values and the importance of teaching them gives parents a powerful way to influence their children and to shield them from the adverse forces they may encounter in the outside world. 


Teach your kids about the following universal values: 
1. Kindness and compassion 

Be sure to show your child that you notice when someone does something nice. Likewise, if your own child treats someone nicely, be sure to acknowledge and praise her effort.
2. Honesty and trustworthiness 

If you wish to teach your children not to lie, you need to make sure they know the consequences of their actions and punish the undesirable behavior. Also emphasize that we want to earn the trust of others, which comes through acting genuinely and in ways that do not let others down. 
3. Respect 

It’s true that respect is earned, but you should also teach children to maintain a basic respect for living things in general, a type of courtesy we extend towards others under any circumstance. 
4. Integrity 

Integrity means I can be counted on to fulfill a commitment I made to the best of my ability. It also means I can admit when I’ve overcommitted and can make amends for how it affects other people. Repeatedly following through with your own commitments to your kids shows them first-hand. 
 5. Love 

Let your child see you demonstrate your love and affection for the people in your life. The more you say “I love you” to your child, the more your child will say “I love you” back.  




Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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