Tips For How to Handle a Toddler Who Hits

December 11, 2022

Tips For How to Handle a Toddler Who Hits


Hitting doesn’t mean your child is mean or a bully. Sometimes it’s because there is an underlying issue that’s causing them to hit. Below are 5 reasons your child might be hitting. 


  • They haven’t learned how to share yet 
  • They are upset 
  • They are frustrated 
  • He’s imitating someone else 
  • She’s temperamental by nature 


Here are the tips for how to discipline a toddler who hits: 

🌟 Implement a distraction. You can ease tension by introducing another toy or game. Distracting the kids with a new activity is often the easiest way to diffuse a dispute, also try to give it a minute to see whether they can resolve the conflict on their own. 

🌟 Tie kids’ actions to other people’s feelings. Toddlers have a limited understanding of how their behavior affects others. Your child needs to know how his friend felt when he got hit. 

🌟 Show some empathy. Your child can’t really understand her feelings of anger or frustration at this age, but it’s still a good idea to label these emotions for her. 

🌟 Teach problem-solving skills. Use imaginary play to help your child learn positive ways to resolve a sticky situation. 

🌟 Don’t hit your child. Your child may developmentally be unable to connect your hitting him with anything that he may have done. 



Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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