Connection Before Correction

November 14, 2023

Connection Before Correction

Creating a connection before correction is a great example of kindness and firmness. When children feel a connection, they feel belonging and significance.

✅ Spend special time with children. What could create a greater connection for your child than to know you enjoy spending time with him or her.

✅ Listen. Really listen. Stop doing whatever you are doing and give your child your full attention.

✅ Validate your child’s feelings. Don’t we all feel connected when we feel understood?

✅ Share your feelings and thoughts when appropriate. Remember that children will listen to you after they feel listened to. Children feel a connection when you respectfully share something about yourself. Respectfully, means no stories about walking miles in the snow.

✅ Focus on solutions with children after a cooling off period. There is that word "with" again–because it is a golden bridge to connection.

✅ Ask curiosity questions to help children explore the consequences of their choices instead of imposing consequences on them. Sincere questions open the heart and the rational brain—equaling connection.

✅ Hugs. There are times when all of us need nothing more than a hug.