Focus Tricks for Students with ADHD 

January 12, 2023

Focus Tricks for Students with ADHD 



A young child can typically complete a five-minute chore with only occasional supervision. The average teenager can do a task, with short breaks, for one to two hours. But for children with ADHD, it’s completely different. Try these tricks for increasing focus and attention in your child with ADHD at home. 


🌟 Break schoolwork assignments into small segments. 

It’s easier for kids with ADHD to do six five-minute chores than to do one 30-minute chore. 


🌟 Reward your child when he finishes a task. 

Giving your child something to look forward to will energize him. 


🌟 Ask your child to estimate how long a task will take. 

Your child may think it will take an hour to do his math homework. If he finds it took him only 15 minutes, he will be pleasantly surprised — and much less likely to procrastinate the next time he tackles it. 


🌟 Gradually increase attention. 

Set a timer for two to three minutes longer than the baseline measurement and challenge your child to keep working until the timer rings. 


🌟 Be there. 

Children can sustain attention longer when someone is physically with them. Do homework time a family affair. 


🌟 Schedule movement breaks. 

Kids with ADHD work more efficiently when they have regular opportunities to get up and move around. 


🌟 Help him visualize time. 

Devices that show elapsed time will help him reset his focus when it drifts from the task.  



Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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