How To Be in Touch with Your Child's Feelings

January 22, 2023

How To Be in Touch with Your Child's Feelings



Many children struggle to be in touch with and express their feelings. Too often children are not allowed their feelings because adults try to fix, squelch or even deny feelings. 


Instead, it is much more helpful to just validate feelings. You can do this by asking a simple question or reflecting back with empathy. 


Here are the ways that can help you be in touch with your child’s feelings: 

  1. Validate their emotion.
  1. Allow their big feeling. 
  1. Sit with them. 
  1. Ask them what they need. 


Children learn resilience when they have the experience of working through their feelings and learning that they pass—eventually.


Many times, they can work through their feelings on their own. Other times you can involve them in problem-solving—after everyone has calmed down. 


We help children understand their feelings and deal with them effectively by taking them seriously and then helping them work it out or trusting them to work things out after they feel validated and have a little time.


And it is amazing how often children do work out solutions to their problems when they are simply allowed to do so in a friendly atmosphere of support and validation. 

Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband. 

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