Lead Your Child With Love Not Fear

June 18, 2023

Lead Your Child With Love Not Fear



We all have needs! But caring for our children’s needs comes first! (Always if possible). 

If we need to complete a task or do something for ourselves of course we can take care of our needs first as long as our children are safely occupied and depending on their age within eye sight. 
Co-caring for your needs and your child’s needs is what parenting is all about. 
This compassionate love we have for our children runs so deep that we sometimes get lost in our own fears and emotions we forget that they are so young and need our guidance not correction. 
Lead your child with love not fear and they will learn and remember what you say. 
If you teach your child with fear, they are more likely to live in fear and fear a relationship with you. 
Remember you are the bigger, stronger, wiser and kind person in your relationship with your child. Always be “humble and kind, as much as possible.” 
Growth comes from the light that shines upon it. Be the light your child needs to grow. 
If you struggle with your fears, we will talk about this one week. Your anxiety and fears are real. Just make sure you do your best, not to project your fears onto your child. 



Coach Benjamin Mizrahi. Educator. Learning Specialist. Family Coach. Father. Husband.   

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